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Welcome to Shanghai and China! Either for just a short visit or long residence, please find yourself comfortable within the UCL alumni network locally or globally.

Here are some links which we believe may help you in many ways when you stay in Shanghai and China. With them, you can easily enjoy connection with your fellow alumni in All China and in UCL.

UCL Alumni Home

The Home Page for UCL global alumni network. There are various groups, events, information for alumni to stay connected and share.


UCL Alumni Web Community

The UCL Alumni Web Community allows you to contact your friends, find out about mentoring, update your personal details, give to UCL and much more. Register today to start enjoying the benefits.


UCL Alumni Online Community

The UCL Alumni Online Community allows you to re-connect with old classmates and utilize the trusted UCL environment to expand your professional network.


UCL Alumni Shanghai Club

The UCL Alumni Shanghai Club is a nonprofit organization, aiming at serving the UCL community in China, particularly that in and around the Yangzi Delta. We are the only one officially recognized UCL alumni club in Shanghai.  Our official language is English. The club organizes various events and provided ample information on community, living, career, etc.


WeChat Group: please contact Sky (Wechat: 88340814) or Hongfei(Wechat: hongfeidong)

WeChat Official Account: “UCL_Alumni_CN”


UCL Club of Guangzhou

A local UCL alumni community based in Guangzhou.

Contact: Please find the WeChat public account of “UCL Club of Beijing”.

UCL Club of Beijing

A local UCL alumni community based in Beijing.

Contact: Please find the WeChat public account “UCL北京校友会”.

UCL Alumni Hong Kong Club

The UCL Alumni Hong Kong Club was formed back in the 1970s and has since been at the forefront of supporting and promoting UCL within Hong Kong. The Club organises 2-3 events per year, catering for a wide age range and appealing to all audiences.

Contact: Facebook Group

UCL Taiwan Alumni Association

The UCL Taiwan Alumni Association (UCLTAA) began activities in 1999. This friendly group is diverse, made up of different age ranges and are always delighted when new UCL alumni join their activities.

Contact: Facebook Group

UCL Alumni Singapore

The UCL Alumni Association in Singapore aims to be An Engaging Network for the UCL Family in Singapore.