Peking University and UCL agree joint MBA programme

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Peking University and UCL agree joint MBA programme


Two world-leading universities, Peking University (PKU) and  UCL, today reinforced their key strategic partnership, which will see them work even more closely together to address pressing global challenges.




An agreement was signed today between the two institutions to jointly deliver an MBA programme at PKU’s campus in Beijing. The Beijing International MBA is a collaboration between PKU’s National School of Development (NSD) and the UCL School of Management (SoM). The partnership demonstrates how PKU and UCL expertise can combine to create a unique offering. NSD is a leading economics and public policy think tank and SoM is a leading business school focused on technology, innovation, analytics and entrepreneurship. It is hoped that the MBA will play a part in educating the next generation of leaders, who will drive China’s development and transformation into a knowledge-based economy.
UCL President & Provost, Professor Michael Arthur and PKU President Lin Jianhua witnessed the signature today. They both agreed that: “We are delighted at how the partnership between Peking University and UCL has developed. Our two great universities are committed to improving access to innovative and excellent research-led education which benefits humanity. Together we can have an even greater impact.”


The PKU-UCL partnership is based on strong research and teaching collaborations between academics on both sides, across a wide range of disciplines from medical sciences and city-planning to language education and archaeology.


伦敦大学学院校长迈克尔•阿瑟(Michael Arthur)教授和北大校长林建华教授出席了今天的协议签字仪式。他们一致认同:“我们很高兴看到北京大学和伦敦大学学院的合作关系持续发展。我们这两所伟大的大学致力于提升创新的、卓越的研究主导型教育水平,造福人类。我们将携手并肩,共同发展”


High level delegations have visited both universities, most  recently the PKU Chair of Council Professor Zhu Shanlu, accompanying Chinese President Xi Jinping to UCL as part of the State visit to the UK  in October 2015, and PKU President Lin Jianhua visiting UCL in April 2016.

The partnership is an example of world-leading universities  combining their knowledge and expertise to pioneer news ways of working. This is in keeping with the ‘golden era’ of China-UK relations and fits well with government initiatives such as the recent UK-China Strategic Framework in Education.


Other examples of bilateral collaborations between PKU and UCL include:

  • 伦敦大学学院教育学院孔子学院:专注于在英国学校发展汉语教学。该学院近期宣布成功从英国教育部获得1000万英镑资金用于“卓越汉语教学”项目。

    The UCL Institute of Education Confucius Institute: focusses on developing Chinese language teaching in UK schools. The Institute recently announced its successful bid for £10 million funding from the UK Department for Education for its Mandarin Excellence Programme.

  • 北京大学城市与环境科学学院与伦敦大学学院巴特莱特建筑环境学院的“超大城市发展、智能和未来城市”合作项目。

    Mega-Urban Development, Smart and Future Cities between the PKU College of Urban and Environmental Sciences and the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment.

  • 在英国医学研究理事会牛顿基金会的框架内,伦敦大学学院遗传学学院与北京大学人民医院的抗菌素耐药性合作研究。

    Major collaborative research on antimicrobial resistance between UCL Genetics Institute and Peking University People’s Hospital, within the framework of the Medical Research Council UK’s Newton Fund.

  • 中国文化遗产保护与考古学研究国际中心:由北京大学考古文博学院与伦敦大学学院考古学院共同创立。

    The International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology: a joint centre between PKU’s School for Archaeology and Museology and the UCL Institute of Archaeology.

  • 伦敦大学学院中国仁康中心与北京大学医学人文研究院将合作举办“数字世界中的跨文化健康人文”活动。该活动由惠康基金会赞助,将于2016年11月在伦敦大学学院高级研究院举行。
    UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity and PKU Institute of Medical Humanities will run a Wellcome funded event ‘Cross-Cultural Health Humanities in a Digital World’, to be held at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies in November 2016.


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