The U Forum, hosted by UCL Alumni Shanghai Club, is aimed at sharing information, insights and expertise of different industries. In U Forum sessions, we invite outstanding overseas universities alumni and industry executives to deliever speeches on their experience and thinking on latest topics and to discuss with participants.

2017年7月8日,由UCL上海校友会主办的U论第三期——建筑行业分享活动,在上海XNode虹桥成功举办。本次活动邀请到了在建筑行业方面有着丰富经验的来自中国建筑上海设计院研究有限公司Arturo E. Veve,Bert Oostdijk和UCL的校友李颉歆、江南辰作为分享嘉宾,并吸引到超过二十名UCL校友参加。活动主持人UCL校友江南辰和杜思卿进行了精彩的串讲并组织了热烈提问和讨论。
The U forum – the third sharing session in building iindustry field, organized by the UCL Alumni Shanghai Club, was successfully launched in Shanghai XNode Hongqiao on 8th July 2017. Arturo E. Veve and Bert Oostdijk who are experienced architects from CSADRI, UCL alumnus Charles Jiang and JiexinLi were invited to be the speakers, which attracted more than twenty alumnus attending the event. The host, UCL alumnus Charles Jiang and Siqing Du organized the Q&A session and the heated discussions.
本次活动以实践、技术、理论、梦幻四个角度对建筑行业进行分享。Arturo E. Veve 首先从实践角度,结合个人的经验和建筑经历分析了中国建筑企业的海外实践,分析了海外的工作机会。可以发现中国建筑企业在海外遍布,以及其取得的进步和成就。The topics are divided into four aspects including practice, technology, theory and dream during the event. Firstly, Arturo E. Veve, from the perspective of practice analyzed the situations of Chinese architecture firms working overseas combined with his own building experience , analyzed opportunities of working overseas, which shows that Chinese architecture firms are very active all over the world and have made progress and achievements.

Bert Oostdijk以一个荷兰人的身份,分享了他眼中深圳的城中村,给大家带来不一样的视角和思考方式。Then Bert Oostdijk, as a Dutch, shared his view on Shenzhen’s Urban Villages which showed a unique perspective and angle of the Urban Villages to listeners.

接着,李颉歆从技术角度,分析了全球建筑业的净零碳发展趋势, 以及AIA在2030制定的环境目标,为建筑师提供低碳、零碳的设计培训,介绍净零碳设计的六个原则,中国当前的挑战,为建筑业净零碳的发展提出了自己的想法和建议等。

Next, Jiexin Li, from the technology angle, analyzed the global trend of net zero carbon in the building industry including the 2030 aims set by AIA, the low/zero carbon building design training provided to architects, 6 principles of ZNC, Chinese Current challenges and ideas for the development of net zero carbon in the construction industry.
最后,江南辰从梦幻的角度,讲述了美妙中土世界建筑之旅,以及他对中土世界的迷恋和不解之缘;Finally, Chares Jiang, from the perspective of dream, told a wonderful journey story through Middle-Earth and his crush and indissoluble bond with Middle-Earth.

在问答环节,校友们热情发问、踊跃参与,从海内外建筑行业的形势、中国未来建筑的发展趋势以及当前中国建筑行业的就业和职场情况提出问题,嘉宾们根据自己的经验以及专业所长,知无不言、诚恳分享。In the Q & A session, alumni enthusiastically asked questions about situations of building industry home and abroad, the development of the future building industry trend of China, as well as the career condition in the building industry currently.According to their own experience and specialty, the guests shared everything they know without reserve.

校友们享受着精美的下午茶,活动在自由热烈的交流中圆满落幕。The event ended in free net-working with the tasty afternoon tea.

本次活动感谢Xnode 虹桥对活动场地支持。我们期待着可以在今后的活动见到更多的新知故交,也希望有更多的校友能为校友会的活动及工作建言献策,提供支持和帮助。We are very grateful to Xnode Hongqiao for the strong support of providing place for this event. Also, we are looking forward to seeing you join in our future events and hoping that more alumni can contribute to the activities and the UCL Alumni Association.


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