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U论,是由UCL上海校友会主办的行业分享活动。将针对各细分行业、热门领域,邀请各大海外院校优秀校友及行业大拿分享他们的思路与经验,并与各位校友共同展开讨论。The U Forum, hosted by UCL Alumni Shanghai Club, aims at sharing the industry information. Outstanding overseas universities alumni and industry executives are invited to share their experience and thoughts on hot topics and discuss with participants.


The first phase of the 2019 U Forum was successfully held on February 23. The event explored the hot topic of Blockchain in the form of expert discussions and keynote speeches, attracting enthusiastic participation from alumni and other audiences.


The event was introduced with “100 questions about Blockchain”, and was hosted by Crystal Li, a UCL alumnus and current financial and economic hostess.


Crystal asked the three speakers to introduce themselves in a question-and-answer format.

夏丰讲述了他是如何从一名工程学硕士转战到金融投资领域的经历,也热情的分享了他创办的Spark Capital在近几年的投资领域以及他看好的和不看好的项目;

Feng Xia talked about how he transferred from an engineering master to an investor in the field of financial investment. He also passionately shared the investment field of Spark Capital he founded in recent years and the projects he valued and disvalued.


Titan Xie has grown from a programming software engineer to the Cofounder of Chainpion Technology, leading the team to focus on the development of Blockchain and digital currency-related products.


Echo Kong, as the general secretary of Shanghai Blockchain Industry Investment Alliance, introduced the development and activities of the alliance, and described in detail that Shanghai Blockchain industry supporting policy is a complete Blockchain industry policy system led by the government and participated by many parties.


Subsequently, the event launched three speeches around the topic.


Is the Blockchain A Ponzi Scheme or Future Internet ?

– 区块链的兴起 –

The growth of Blockchain

区块链会如何改变未来生活?How dose Blockchain change our life?- 区块链技术的应用 -Application of the Blockchain technology

区块链正迎接寒冬还是下一个风口?Where would Blockchain go?- 区块链的创业商机 -Opportunities of Blockchain


The atmosphere was so pleasant that many audiences asked some questions on Blockchain and received satisfied answers from speakers without reservation. When the event was close to end, there were still some audiences discussing eagerly and willing to stay longer.

本次U论感谢WeWork对活动场地支持。我们期待着可以在后续的活动见到更多的新知故交,也希望有更多的校友能为校友会的活动及工作建言献策,提供支持和帮助。We are grateful to WeWork for its support to the event venue. We look forward to meeting more friends in the following activities and hope that more alumni can contribute to the activities and the work of UCL Alumni Association.

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