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Huge success for the G5 Christmas Party in Shanghai

你在北方的大雪中银装素裹,我在魔都的红毯上争奇斗艳。原谅我盛装出席,只为在最美好的年华遇见你。 In spite of this cold and white winter, we walked down the red carpet in the fancy dresses in Shanghai. We were looking forward to meeting you in this best Christmas. 12月17日,由英国G5精英大学(上海市欧美同学会伦敦大学学院校友会, 上海市欧美同学会帝国理工校友会, 剑桥大学上海校友会, 牛津大学上海校友会, 伦敦政治与经济学院上海校友会)联合举办,伦敦大学学院上海校友会承办的圣诞夜Party在上海兴国丽笙酒店顺利举行,并完美落幕。 The UK G5 super elite universities Christmas party, jointly hosted by SORSA UCL Alumni, SORSA IC Alumni, Cambridge Alumni Shanghai, Oxford Alumni Shanghai, LSE Alumni Shanghai and organized by UCL Alumni [...]

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UK G5 super elite universities Christmas party 英伦G5精英圣诞夜

Season's greetings! Welcome to join us for the biggest UK G5 super elite universities Christmas party located in the Five-Star Hotel, Radisson Blu Plaza Xing Guo Hotel Shanghai, on December 17th. 圣诞快乐!欢迎参加12月17日举行的「英国G5·精英圣诞夜」活动。这里是英国顶尖学府的聚会!牛津大学、剑桥大学、帝国理工学院、伦敦大学学院、伦敦政治经济学院的精英学子们将在上海兴国丽笙酒店欢聚共度圣诞夜。 - Distinguished guests- SORSA leaders, British Consulate guests,UK famous alumnus, oversea elites from all fields, company managers, big stars from PE/VE, fashion icons [...]

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Our Christmas Party Last Sat

Dashing through the snow. In a one-horse open sleigh. O'er the fields we go. Laughing all the way~~~ In the ring of the jingle bells, we had our UCLer Christmas Party in Shanghai. Thank you all for coming! Please see the picsbelow recording our happiness. Special thanks to Wellington College forproviding such a British-styled venue [...]

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