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Our 12-Uni New Year Party last Sunday.

Last Sunday, we succesfully held the New Year Party together with the other 11 UK alumni groups in Shanghai. There are around 370 UK alumnus joined the party, among which around 50 were UCLers (we are such a large and beloved family)! Thank you all for coming! It is great fun both catching up with our own fellows and getting to [...]

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Our Christmas Party Last Sat

Dashing through the snow. In a one-horse open sleigh. O'er the fields we go. Laughing all the way~~~ In the ring of the jingle bells, we had our UCLer Christmas Party in Shanghai. Thank you all for coming! Please see the picsbelow recording our happiness. Special thanks to Wellington College forproviding such a British-styled venue [...]

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Running Man + Halloween=Happiness

奔跑吧, UCLer于10月31号完美上映第一季~~~话不多说,picture talks. 奔跑了一整个下午,虽然都很累,但大家兴致依然高涨!一起聚餐后,又转到第二场Halloween Party!!!! 继续各种游戏各种high!继续上图! 每次活动都是辣么的开心,有你们,真好!还没找到组织的小伙伴,请联系Stella (wechat:43896437);请在好友验证时说明毕业时间,专业以及先所在地哦,么么哒~

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UCL and IC alumni jointly launch first gathering in Hangzhou

UCLers, You are invited to our joint alumni party with IC friends on Saturday (Mar. 7) in Hangzhou! Party time: 2pm onwards place: 807 Pinghai Wangjiao, 58 Pinghai Road, Hangzhou (平海路58号平海旺角807) Fun: Zhuoyou (桌游) and Karaoke Registration: please sign up via the Read More link below (阅读原文) Ticket: pay at door

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